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What kinds of jobs can I get with a bachelors degree in finance?

Building A Career With A Business Degree Online

According to a noted authority, a 2005 salary survey reported that individuals with a bachelors degree in finance, combined with one to three year's experience, earned anywhere from $28,250 up to $52,000 per year. Those individuals working as senior accountants and auditors earned anywhere from $40,750 to $69,750. Managers and directors earned as high as $200,000 per year.

The United States Department of Labor recently reported an upward trend in career opportunities for accountants, citing a significant increase in growth through to the year 2014. For individuals seeking employment in the highest ranking, prestigious firms, competition remains fierce. However, if you have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, can find your way around auditing computer software, and potentially specialize in areas like international business, current legislations, etc., you may find yourself on the short list of a dream job.

Many graduates who've earned a business degree online, and boast a bachelors degree in finance, or a banking and financing degree, find employment in public and private law firms with entry-level positions as cost accountants, junior internal auditors, or trainees for other accounting positions. Gradually, these employees work their way up through the ranks. After obtaining some industry experience, graduates sometimes find themselves working as faculty for various accounting programs.

What resources can I expect from my accounting course online?

Navigating The Accounting Course Online

Whether you're taking an accounting course online or a business degree online, the basic concepts of web navigation should present several key research and resource links. Often, when students register for online training, they have several valid questions about what to expect. Once you've been accepted into a course or program, you'll be assigned a username and password, with a link to the course webpage. From there, you'll have access to a number of resource options including:

  • List of the courses you're taking
  • Assignments
  • Assignment deadlines
  • Expectations
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Contact information for faculty support
  • Contact information for technical support
  • Links to academic resources including campus library and student services
You may also have access to student webboards where you'll have an opportunity to chat with your peers.

Taking an accounting course online has its challenges, but with the appropriate help available right at your fingertips, learning should be simplified. Make sure to block periods of time where you can read through course material thoroughly, take notes from the textbook (as if you were taking notes during a lecture), and give yourself time to absorb what you're reading. When challenges arise, don't hesitate to contact your course advisor. They can offer advise and present new, alternative ways of learning the material.

What does a degree in financial management cover?

Degree in Financial Management

This degree may be an option in some of the programs available online. This degree would combine aspects of the accounting and finance degrees to aim students toward the goal of corporate financial management. With the combination of accounting and finance courses, students will be proficient in both. They will be able to analyze corporate financial statements while also understanding the accounting methods used.

The degree program prepares finance major students to take the CFM (Certified in Financial Management) exam and also the CCM (Certified Cash Manager) if they choose to pursue the specialty designations.

What do finance degrees cover?

Degrees in Finance

Finance degrees come in all sorts of packages and have many different names. Diligently compare each program to make sure it will provide the education you are seeking. Generally all finance degree programs emphasize corporate financial, investment finance or banking institution financial management. The courses for a business finance degree will lay the groundwork for management and controller positions that will have you making financial planning decisions and doing the financial analysis for nearly any institution of your choosing.

What type of coursework is expected to earn a degree in finance?

Coursework Expected to Receive a Finance Degree

Most programs for a degree in finance will require that you take finance courses related to financial accounting, international finance, risk management, investing, corporate finance, and money and capital markets or capital management. Some programs may even offer professional certificates to be earned along the way to make you even more marketable to a future or current employer. Many online business finance degrees will incorporate accounting principles into its coursework.

What is the job outlook for accounting professionals?

Job Outlook for Accountants

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs for accountants and auditors are expected to “grow faster than average” between now and 2014. Due to the need for accurate corporate financial reporting and the accounting scandals of recent years, there will be a higher demand for accountants and auditors who can keep accurate financial records and make accurate financial predictions. As a student, you should strongly consider a degree and/or additional coursework in accounting if you want to be part of a growing industry. Companies will need to enact tighter controls to keep financial reporting on the up and up. Accounting professionals will be in demand to make sure this happens as companies stay within the law and take responsibility.

What is the Certificate in Finance?

Certificate in Finance

The finance certificate available online is geared toward people who are looking to boost their business and financial knowledge to make themselves more marketable or likely to be promoted in the workplace. The Certificate in Finance degree can prepare people taking on management responsibilities in a field where financial knowledge would be important. This certificate would give them the extra edge needed to get the job done without spending another four years in school.

What are the levels of certification in accounting?

Levels of Certification in Accounting Available Online

A major in accounting covers a very broad spectrum that could include many specialties. For general accounting majors there are several types of levels to consider, including the Certificate in Accounting, which is a precursor to the bachelor's degree. With the certificate, a person could pursue entry level accounting positions. With the acquisition of a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting, you would be in position to specialize in a particular field or sit for the CPA (Certified Public Accountant), CMA (Certified Management Accounting), or CFM (Certified in Financial Management) tests. Depending on the degree program you choose, you may be able to use credits earned for the certificate program toward the bachelor's degree.

What type of coursework is expected to earn a degree in accounting?

Coursework Expected to Receive an Accounting Degree

Most accounting programs begin with classes that lay the groundwork for the degree while allowing more specialty as the program progresses. Courses you can expect to find include microeconomics, macroeconomics, financial accounting fundamentals business courses, intermediate accounting, applied technology for accounting, managerial accounting, taxation business, government and nonprofit accounting, and auditing. Courses are recommended depending on what your goals are after earning the degree. Suggested courses for people opting to sit for the CPA, CMA, or CFM tests can increase the likelihood of passing the exams.

How do I become a certified internal auditor?

Becoming a Certified Internal Auditor With An Online Accounting Degree

Internal auditors are crucial to the integrity of financial business management. Graduates of an online accounting degree program can find themselves working in this esteemed profession by obtaining certification. An internal auditor evaluates an organization's risk exposure in relation to its financial operations by measuring:

  • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
  • Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information
  • Safeguarding of assets
  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and contracts.
If the idea of probing into the operational and financial mechanics of industry intrigues you, then a career as an internal auditor might just be for you. Once you've obtained a finance graduate degree, financial management degree, financial planning degree, or international finance degree, do an Internet search for a nationally recognized internal auditor certifying agency. From there, research the types of certification available, which one suits you the best, and how to go about writing the certification exam.

Certification isn't the end of the story, however. Lifelong learning is the goal for any professional, but is especially pertinent to a graduate with an online accounting degree. You may find that over the years, you have to boost your skills by taking an accounting course online. Check the certification boards list of continuing education courses to find out which ones they recognize. Once you're certified as an internal auditor, any additional training will only boost your success in the field.

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