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What is an associate of the arts degree?

Associate of the Arts Degree

Commonly called an A.A. degree, this arts degree is designed to provide the student introductory information into the arts that would be a foundation for continued study in a bachelor's degree program. An arts degree could include majors in communication, liberal arts, English or writing, design, languages, acting, humanities, philosophy and more. Students planning to use this degree directly in the workforce should receive an advantage over other applicants with only high school diplomas. In a current job, they can gain valuable skills toward recognition or promotion.

How can I earn an associate degree without attending classes?

Work Experience Worth Credits Towards Online Associate's Degree

There are even online associate degree programs that will allow students to “earn” an associate degree based on past work and life experience. No classes, exams, or years of study required. All you have to do is prove to the administrators that your past work and life experience is relevant to the major that you are interested in and that you have completed two years of experience and you can receive an associate degree in that field.

What is an accelerated associate degree program?

Accelerated Online Associate Degrees

Some online schools offer students a way to earn an associate degree in almost half the time normally necessary. The biggest benefit of choosing an online school is that you can also choose the flexible schedule that will allow you to get the most amount of work done in the shortest amount of time. You can have access to an online campus 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In order to be successful in any online program, however, and especially an accelerated program, you must have self-discipline. Accelerated programs can allow you to complete a degree in 12-13 months with a full-time schedule. Be sure you are ready for that commitment before signing up.

What is an associate degree in business management?

Associate Degree in Business Management

This associate degree is designed to offer first time students the opportunity to seek management employment upon graduation or offer people already employed more skills to market themselves for promotion or recognition. Students who have graduated with a business management degree could acquire jobs in human resource management, office management, branch management, head of a department, manager trainee of a large business or manager of a small business. Students could also use this degree as a stepping-stone to the higher degree of bachelor's in business management.

What is an Associate Degree?

What is an Associate Degree?

An associate degree is a two-year degree that provides a broad base of understanding college level concepts. Usually they are offered by technical or community colleges to allow people to get a start on college even if they only have a GED. Associate degrees are also available online and can be a head start on the credits needed for the bachelor's degree program. Associate Degrees are available in many disciplines and can easily be transferred into more study for a higher degree.

What should I expect from an online degree course?

What to Expect from An Online Associate Degree Course

Students of online courses usually have every convenience at their disposal to complete their degrees. Classes can be viewed online, on television or on videocassette. Some schools offer these options to allow students to choose the method that would work best for them. Each course would have required reading from textbooks or study guides. Using online technology, students could have class meetings virtually, online discussion groups or chat sessions with other students or the instructor. Communication could also be performed by e-mail for assignments and testing. Instruction could be viewed on videocassette in the students' homes at their convenience. Instructors and advisors are available to assist students to stay motivated and self-disciplined to finish their degree.

What is included in the AABA degree?

Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Commonly called an AABA, this business administration degree will introduce the general study of business and may include concentration in a specialty field. These areas of concentration may include criminal justice administration, healthcare administration, human resources, visual communication, and general business. These concentrations can focus your career so that you will graduate ready to take on a new administrator position or increase responsibilities in a current position.

What is an associate of applied science?

Associate of Applied Science Degree

These degrees are designed for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after graduation or for those seeking a promotion in a current job. These applied science studies could include degrees in programming, database administration, computer networking, engineering technology, certain software applications, business administration, applied management, or information technology. Credits from the courses should transfer directly in the bachelor's degree programs for further study.

Why choose an online associate degree?

Reasons to Choose an Online Associate Degree

Reasons to earn an associate degree vary from person to person. Here are a few reasons why you might choose this path:
ˇGenerally people with a college degree
earn more money than those who don't.
ˇOnline courses are convenient and
flexible, available 24 hours a day,
seven days a week.
ˇMost online institutions start with
prestigious brick and mortar schools
who offer a track record of excellence.
ˇThe software employed by online
instructors is usually state of the
art for online classroom discussion
and virtual study.
ˇYou can learn while mentoring with a
professional in your desired field who
will help you map out a plan to
accomplish your goals.
ˇYou will be one step ahead if you
choose to earn a full bachelor's

What is an associate of science degree?

Associate of Science Degree

These degrees are designed to provide the student introductory information into the sciences that would be a foundation for continued study in a bachelor's degree program. Students can choose to follow certain specialties that they will expand on in the next level. The fields of study could include chemistry, physics, biology, computer science, earth science, engineering, and environmental science. Students choosing to go directly to the workforce with the two-year degree should receive an advantage over other applicants with only high school diplomas. In a current job, they can gain valuable skills toward recognition or promotion.

What is an applied associate degree?

Applied Associate Degree Programs

Also called an occupational degree, "Applied Associate" degrees teach students a specific trade that will allow them to get a job immediately after graduation in their field of study. Although these programs generally prepare students for immediate work, the credits can usually still be transferred into a bachelor's degree program if the student wants to go on to higher study. Some possible career options with an Applied Associate degree include locksmithing, mechanical drafting, gardening and landscape design, graphic design, and commercial and industrial maintenance. Associate degrees in business or technology could also give current employees an advantage over their co-workers for promotions or other recognition.

How will I know what type of job to search for once I've completed my associate business degree online?

The Reflective Experience of Online Learning

As you work toward your associate business degrees online, pay attention to what your gut is telling you. Course requirements include a range of study from accounting to communication concepts, and from business law to marketing. There will be some courses that leave you stressed and tired, and other courses that energize and inspire. Pay attention to those! Chances are, those courses that leave you feeling on top of the world are an indication of where you'd be happiest working.

There you are, plugging away at an online associates degree in business. Accounting leaves a bitter taste in your mouth and a headache across the top of your head. Communications, on the other hand, leave you humming. Perhaps a career in business writing or employment focused on client interaction would tailor to your strengths.

People who get jobs they absolutely love, usually have a good sense of who they are before even applying. While you work at your online associate business degree, don't forget to take the time to examine your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and future educational requirements. Who you are, where you come from, and where you hope to be, all play an important role in finding that perfect job.

If I'm only taking one course online toward my associates degree in business, can I benefit from the same resources as full-time students?

Research and Resources for the Online Student

For individuals working toward their associates degree in business, or associates degree in business administration via online studies, research may seem daunting. Where do you go for help? Of course, the obvious choice would be to use an Internet search engine. While Internet research is useful, a report or assignment appears that much more “rounded” when you use research from a variety of sources.

All universities and colleges provide student services and resources including on-site libraries. In fact, there may even be a consortium of college libraries to draw from. Make a phone call, or send an email, to find out more information on what resources are available to students completing their associates degree in business. Oftentimes, students believe that because they're “only” registered for one or two courses online, they don't count as students. Nothing could be further from the truth. A prominent community college in Canada uses the saying, “A student is a student is a student.” Whether you're taking one course, or signed up for four years, all students should be treated equally.

If you're lucky enough to live within the geographical area of your campus, take the time to visit. College offices are usually a wealth of information packages, pamphlets, flyers, administrative contacts, and other educational resources. Not living anywhere close? Not to worry, the school's website most likely offers just as many resources. Remember, whether you're taking just one credit toward an associates degree in business administration, or a full online course load, every student matters.

I've graduated with an online associates degree in business. Where should I look for a job?

Online Associate Business Degrees and Employment

It's taken two years, but you've finally completed your associates degree in business through online learning. At this point, you might have a few employment leads. Perhaps you've been searching the Internet or scouring the local newspapers for employment opportunities. Ever wonder how some people seem to fall into their dream jobs? There are hidden markets out there that students aren't always aware of.

The first thing to do is check your school's website for partnerships. Oftentimes, the campus's Customized Training or Continuing Education department has provided training in partnership with industry. If an industry has partnered with the college, it's fair to say they probably have a good relationship with the school. Visit the partners' websites to see what employment opportunities exist. Make note that you're a recent graduate and mention the school's name right up front. It might be enough to spark an interest in the employer.

These days, competition is fierce and it pays to make a good first impression. It's fantastic to say you've recently graduated from an associates degree in business administration, but so haven't dozens of others. Who knows, this particular company you're applying to may have an agreement in place with the college to consider graduates before anyone else. It certainly doesn't hurt to try.

What is a learning contract?

Online Business Associate Degrees - Learning Contracts

While working away at your associates degree in business management, an emergency or illness arises requiring you to postpone your education for an undetermined period of time. Instead of quitting (you were so close!), why not contact the campus about an online learning contract? This option might not be available everywhere, to every student, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

A learning contract is an academic intervention for students unable to complete the course of study within the usual time frame allotted. To qualify, students are assessed based on the nature of the extenuating circumstances, previous academic successes, and future academic goals. Obtaining an associate business degree is important, so why not try to incorporate more flexible learning options.

Learning contracts are completely acceptable provided the student will meet the designated learning outcomes. Learning contracts are written documents which are mutually agreed upon by the student, the faculty member(s), and someone in senior management such as an Academic Chair.

A learning contract is a lot like a legal document. Once signed, the student has formally agreed to follow the new format for successful course completion. Any failure to follow through may preclude any future academic interventions.

What should I do if I feel I'm being unfairly treated in my online business course?

Online Learning and the Student Appeal Process

As an adult learner obtaining an online associates degree in business, you expect a high level of trust and freedom to develop your skills and to learn using the best possible learning style for you. You give one hundred percent and you expect one hundred percent.

With faculty working full-time academic loads and managing online learning, mistakes and miscommunication can occur. It might be as simple as not being copied on an important email regarding course assignments, or something as extreme as feeling harassed or excluded by the instructor.

Did you know that most colleges and universities have a written policy outlining the student appeal process? If you have reason to believe you've been treated unfairly and/or received inaccurate grades, you have the right to file an appeal. However, before jumping into the formal appeal process involving an interview and formal documentation, try discussing the matter with your instructor. Not comfortable doing that on your own? Contact the campus registrar, student retention advisor, or principal to discuss the matter. With any luck, a quick discussion will clear up any miscommunication and your resulting grades will be adjusted as appropriate. If, however, the situation warrants a more formal process, ask the campus to view the student appeal process. You may need to place a request to begin the formal student appeal process. Remember, you're a student and you have rights. Now go get that associate business degree!

What does academic integrity have to do with earning my associate business degree online?

Online Academic Integrity as it Applies to Your Associate Business Degree

Ask someone what academic integrity means to them, and they might say, "It means not cheating." While that's partly true, academic integrity encompasses a wider landscape of ethics, values, morals, self-perception, self-direction, and commitment to learning. As an adult learner obtaining an associate business degree, associate degree in business management, or any other type of associate degree, requires a high level of trust from the college's perspective, and from your perspective. Curriculum and learning outcomes are developed using current industry standards and are designed to provide an education that's valuable in the workplace. This is what you'd expect from a post-secondary establishment. This is your trust in the value of your associate business degree. It's one way to measure the academic integrity of the college.

Likewise, the college expects a certain degree of commitment and work from you. Plagiarism, cheating, dishonesty, etc., are not tolerated by any valued college or university. Academic integrity for online students takes on particular significance in that students aren't being “watched over” by faculty and other peers. Not only does it take drive, determination, and self-direction to be a successful online learner, it also takes a high level of academic integrity.

What do I do if I'm being harassed online?

Online Learning, Understanding Academic Policies

Earning an associate business degree online is an exciting way to get an education while maintaining a work schedule or family commitments. You won't be in a classroom based face-to-face setting, but you may have access to classmates via email or online messaging. Most colleges and universities follow certain rules of conduct and codes of confidentiality. For example, in order to publish a list of students' email accounts, each student would first have to sign a consent form provided by the school.

There are many great reasons for authorizing the release of your email address to the other virtual classmates. Group assignments can be completed by communicating through email, telephone conferencing, or online video conferencing. But what happens when a student becomes offensive? If one of your classmates suddenly begins sending offensive material, jokes, innuendo, etc., it might be time to read up on the school's harassment policy. Policies can sometimes be found on the school's website, or you can contact the school directly and speak with the registrar about the issue. Ask him/her to share the policy with the entire online class. If the problem persists, explore further alternatives by speaking with a school representative. The last thing you need, while working toward your associate business degree, are distractions. Any student, whether online or in a classroom, deserves a safe setting in which to expand their minds. That includes you.

Why are computer information science degrees popular?

Computer Information Science Associate Degree

With the rapid advancement of technology and Web development, employers need people who can keep their businesses in line with current market trends and expectations. This makes the Computer Science Information program a popular associate degree program to enter. Under this program you will receive hands on training and instruction for the latest developments in data communications and computer operations. With this knowledge you could pursue a degree in programming, e-commerce set-up, network administration, computer technical support, Web design and graphics, and web administration.

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