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What is a Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management?

Bachelor of Business Administration in Project Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in project management will combine business concepts and principles with the expectations of project management. Students will learn what qualities a project manager must have to get projects done in the specified time and budget and how to handle unexpected problems as they arise. Courses will include project management 101 which will teach all the techniques and lifecycle phases of a project, managing risks and opportunities, and project cost and time management. Completion of the course will lead into careers in the project management careersfor a variety of agencies or businesses.

What is a Managing Multiple Projects Course?

Managing Multiple Projects Course

The managing multiple projects course is for the manager who has to juggle many projects due to the size of the company or program. The course may also benefit people who allocate the resources or set the priorities for multiple projects. This course will lead project managers through the complex nature of multiple projects with multiple teams and multiple goals. Managers will use Microsoft Project or a similar program to prioritize, plan and initiate the actual projects they are working on. Topics taught will include the challenges of multiple projects, leadership training for simultaneous projects, roles in the multi-project environment, determining stakeholder goals, planning, scheduling, assigning responsibility, assessing risk, maintaining the team spirit, communication, setting goals, conflict resolution, and applying the basics of project management to multiple projects. The goal of the course is to teach managers to lead their teams to well-defined goals.

What are Supervisory Training & Management Development Courses ?

Supervisory Training & Management Development Courses

The Supervisory Training & Management Development courses are designed to teach managers to relate to their employees in such a way as to manage them while also achieving the organization's goals and objectives. The courses cover topics such as essential skills of leadership and communication, coaching job skills, delegation, improving work habits, effective discipline, managing complaints, supporting change, conflict resolution, giving performance feedback, and communicating to superiors. One of the main goals of these courses is to train managers to retain good employees and encourage self-esteem building and confidence.

What are Skills Assessments for Potential Project Managers?

Skills Assessment for Potential Project Managers

An online skills assessment for project management may be necessary if you are interested in the courses, but are unsure if this is the area you want to concentrate your business degree in. The skills assessment grades on the way you would typically manage a project if you were in charge. It will grade you on how your normal behavior would naturally be oriented toward project management to help you decide if you would be a good match for the profession.

What is Online Project Management Training?

Online Project Management Training

Online project management training is available in levels from individual courses, certifications, bachelor's degrees to graduate degrees. Beginner level courses will help students learn to plan projects, assign work to teammates, schedule tasks, and track and report status. More advanced courses will teach students to estimate, manage risk, optimize schedules, and handle multiple stakeholders. The final step of training is to prepare for the management certification exam.

What is a Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Management?

Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Management

Any person wanting to get ahead in their chosen career will eventually turn to the responsibility of management. The Bachelor of Science in Leadership and Management is available to those people who want the competitive advantage of training in management skills. This project management degree exposes students to all the issues that managers face and shows them effective ways to deal with them. They learn human resource management, organizational behavior, communication skills, employment law, project management, and more.

How does Computer Simulation Training Teaches Project Management?

Computer Simulation Training Teaches Project Management

Computer simulation training in project management is designed to give students hands-on project management training with an actual project to more effectively teach the principles of management. In computer simulation, the student will actually have to use and apply the information they have been taught. There is more of an active involvement in the learning process, which is designed to accurately resemble the real workplace environment. The students would work in teams and have to learn and strategize together to get the project done. The students would leave the assignment with tools they can take back to a place of employment and immediately begin to use to be effective project leaders.

What are the Skills Necessary in Effective Project Managers?

Skills Necessary in Effective Project Managers

Project Managers must be take-charge personality types in order to be able to manage and implement tasks from start to finish. Project management takes discipline and planning, which is not impulsive or over-reactive. Because they will need other people to complete the projects, project managers must be able to lead people and build a great team who are willing to work for them. Project managers have great time management skills, budgeting and cost management skills, leadership ability, delegation skills, and have proven themselves competent by passing an online project management course.

What is Personalized Project Management Training for Specific Projects?

Personalized Project Management Training for Specific Projects

Project Management consultants will develop project management training courses for specific projects online. Examples of this are the seminars developed for the Environmental Remediation Project Management for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Education and Training and The Project Management Training for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Fossil Energy. Both courses dealt with planning, project definition, cost and schedule analysis, monitoring and control delivered in a hands-on learning environment for managers with no previous project management experience.

What is a Technical Project Management Degree?

Technical Project Management Degree

The Technical Project Management degree focuses on the ways that the Internet and e-commerce affect project management. This degree emphasizes the tech skills needed to incorporate the Internet economy in to an established business. Students will learn project cost and management, project management systems, technical standards, programming skills, managing and maintaining e-commerce sites and networks. This degree program will prepare students for entry level management careers in IT for e-commerce product companies or other technical departments of organizations. It will also prepare students for advancement in their current career.

What is Project Management Certification?

Project Management Certification

Project management is the way that businesses maintain that projects are completed as efficiently and effectively as possible within budget constraints. Project managers hold the responsibility of making sure that happens. The project management certification program has a curriculum designed to teach students all facets of project management such as project quality, scope, time, cost, human resources, and communications so that upon completion they can take and pass the Project Management Professional (PMP) exam to be a certified project manager. With this certification, graduates can advance their current careers or apply for new, higher paying management positions.

What Skills Are Necessary to be in a Leadership Role?

Skills Necessary to be in a Leadership Role

People who aspire for better paying professional positions will probably have to move into roles of leadership as managers or supervisors. To know whether a person would be suited for those roles, it is necessary to look at the skills necessary to be an effective leader. Those skills include coaching, presentation, influence and negotiation, personal as well as company wide communication, team building, organizational change, project management, and vendor and customer relationship management. Online leadership training can help in learning the necessary skills and practices of effective leaders.

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