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What is a general management certification?

General Management Certification

This certification is designed for new managers who need a general overview of business topics. Certification areas include accounting management, advertising, financial analysis, human resources, marketing management, project management, and sales and distribution. With this overview of business, newly promoted managers and students looking for management positions can be prepared to step into these roles confident that they can handle the tasks assigned.

What is financial management certification?

Financial Management Certification

Financial management certifications are available for people in the accounting or bookkeeping industry who are looking to move into the management realm. For these certifications, students can take tests on financial and investment analysis, investment management and accounting management. Testing is a financially feasible way to become a certified expert in financial management and become more marketable to current and future employers.

What are office skills certifications?

Office Skills Certification

This course is designed for administrative employees as well as those who own administrative businesses. The objective of the course is to boost income and recognition by adding a certification to their list of leading quality skills. Office skill certifications can include training in call center operations, computer technology, typing, Microsoft Office programs, and general office skills. With these designations, a graduate can look to be promoted to higher posts such as office manager or executive administrative assistant.

What is a certification in computer skills?

Certification in Computer Skills

Every business uses technology and computers to do business every day. Proficiency in this area is a must for the person expecting to work in an office or professional setting. Certification in this area may be valuable for a population not usually considered adept at high-tech systems such as senior citizens that are working into the later years of their lives. Computer skills certifications prove to employers that graduates can handle the tasks needed to be efficient effective employees. Testing areas include Windows skills, MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel, DOS, and general computer skills.

What is a certification in the English language?

Certification in the English Language

This certification would be beneficial especially for the employee or manager for whom English is not a first language. It shows a level of commitment to the company, and shows that you are willing to be certified in the English language to prove that you are an expert and can handle the responsibility. This certification has testing areas including spelling, speaking, vocabulary, sentence structure, call center skills, editing skills and words and phrases.

What is personnel management certification?

Personnel Management Certification

This online business program is helpful for personnel or human resource managers, or students expecting to go into those fields. Testing topics include management skills, organizational behavior and principles of personnel management. Testing for these certifications would benefit also newly promoted managers who would deal with human resource issues or the management of employees. Testing online is convenient and inexpensive and shows a level of commitment to the management role.

What are the career advantages of online certifications?

Career Advantages of Online Certifications

Being a certified, proven leader in your industry proves to customers, employers, and co-workers that you have the training necessary to do the best job possible. Online certifications are a convenient way to boost your career by upgrading your skills in categories you need to brush up on or learning new skills that will make you stand out to potential clients or your employer when review time rolls around. Online certification courses can be completed within a matter of weeks and after passing a final examination, you will receive the title of certified expert to add to your resume.

What is event management training?

Event Management Training

This online learning program is designed to teach students the effective methods of managing events for a Certificate of Event Management. Core courses in the program will teach students about the best practices for management training online from marketing, coordination, and the financial, legal and ethical standards to abide by. With this base knowledge, students can search for real-world internship or learning practicums to put their instruction to practical use and gain experience at the same time that will allow them to gain a new career position as an event manager.

What is a healthcare certification?

Healthcare Certification

Healthcare certifications are especially beneficial to people applying for jobs as paramedics, nurses or other emergency response personnel. The certified status offers a level of expertise required of people whose jobs involve saving the lives of other people. These certifications could also enhance the resumes of seasoned hospital or healthcare employees. Testing areas include first aid skills, general medicines, human anatomy, different types of medical transcription, and paramedic skills.

Whatis a certification in health andfitness?

Certification in Health and Fitness

Certification status in health and fitness would be beneficial to the career of people hoping to enter the athletics field as a trainer, fitness coach, exercise class leader or gym teacher. These courses could also be used to refresh the career of professionals already in the fitness industry. Certification is available in the areas of aerobics, fitness, personal trainer, pilates, yoga, and sports nutrition.

What is certification in Internet programming?

Certification in Internet/Web Based Programming

With the advancement of the information age and Internet based technology, it is of utmost importance for businesses to keep current Web sites and e-commerce sites up and running. This opens up a new realm of careers for people who are tech-savvy to help businesspeople with Internet programming. Certifications in this arena includes tests for HTML programming, Advanced Java, Dreamweaver, Frontpage, Macromedia Flash, MS Access, Javascript, XHTML, and Visual Studio among others.

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