Online Academic Integrity as it Applies to Your Associate Business Degree

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What does academic integrity have to do with earning my associate business degree online?

Online Academic Integrity as it Applies to Your Associate Business Degree

Ask someone what academic integrity means to them, and they might say, "It means not cheating." While that's partly true, academic integrity encompasses a wider landscape of ethics, values, morals, self-perception, self-direction, and commitment to learning. As an adult learner obtaining an associate business degree, associate degree in business management, or any other type of associate degree, requires a high level of trust from the college's perspective, and from your perspective. Curriculum and learning outcomes are developed using current industry standards and are designed to provide an education that's valuable in the workplace. This is what you'd expect from a post-secondary establishment. This is your trust in the value of your associate business degree. It's one way to measure the academic integrity of the college.

Likewise, the college expects a certain degree of commitment and work from you. Plagiarism, cheating, dishonesty, etc., are not tolerated by any valued college or university. Academic integrity for online students takes on particular significance in that students aren't being “watched over” by faculty and other peers. Not only does it take drive, determination, and self-direction to be a successful online learner, it also takes a high level of academic integrity.



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