Research and Resources for the Online Student

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If I'm only taking one course online toward my associates degree in business, can I benefit from the same resources as full-time students?

Research and Resources for the Online Student

For individuals working toward their associates degree in business, or associates degree in business administration via online studies, research may seem daunting. Where do you go for help? Of course, the obvious choice would be to use an Internet search engine. While Internet research is useful, a report or assignment appears that much more “rounded” when you use research from a variety of sources.

All universities and colleges provide student services and resources including on-site libraries. In fact, there may even be a consortium of college libraries to draw from. Make a phone call, or send an email, to find out more information on what resources are available to students completing their associates degree in business. Oftentimes, students believe that because they're “only” registered for one or two courses online, they don't count as students. Nothing could be further from the truth. A prominent community college in Canada uses the saying, “A student is a student is a student.” Whether you're taking one course, or signed up for four years, all students should be treated equally.

If you're lucky enough to live within the geographical area of your campus, take the time to visit. College offices are usually a wealth of information packages, pamphlets, flyers, administrative contacts, and other educational resources. Not living anywhere close? Not to worry, the school's website most likely offers just as many resources. Remember, whether you're taking just one credit toward an associates degree in business administration, or a full online course load, every student matters.



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