Managing Exam Anxiety

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Managing Exam Anxiety

There are some individuals who break out in a sweat at the mere mention of an exam. There's something about the word “exam” and the implications surrounding it that create a host of emotional, behavioral, and physiological symptoms including nausea, heart palpitations, heartburn, anxiety, depression, anger, fear, shaking, insomnia, etc.

The worst part of this crippling anxiety is the impact on your grades. While some people thrive on a little adrenaline, others look down at the exam and completely go blank. The information was there a minute ago, but now panic has set in and its gone.

The solution is to determine where the anxiety is coming from and then targeting that problem.

  • Are you well-prepared to write the exam, or did you wait until the last minute to cram?
  • Have you maintained organized learning materials all along, paying attention in class and taking notes, or have you missed a lot of class time?
  • How is your health? Certain medications can cause drowsiness and memory loss.
It's important to pinpoint the real reason behind the anxiety. While exam anxiety may not disappear entirely, being honest with yourself about study habits, and taking steps to improve them, will help you sail through the next exam.



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