Relevant Life Experience Credits Toward Online MBA Programs

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Can I obtain credits toward my distance learning mba degree through relevant life experience?

Relevant Life Experience Credits Toward Online MBA Programs

Not every distance learning mba program offers the option of earning credit for relevant experience, but it's worth checking into it. For example, some universities offer credits for prior learning experience. Contrary to what some might believe, it's not an easy way to get a credit. However, it can be a valid way to earn a credit, if you can prove that you're prior learning meets the learning outcomes of the course/credit you want to take. The process isn't unique for everyone. If your goal is to earn an online mba degree, take some time to look over the program courses. You may discover you have significant prior work or life experience that may be apply as a credit, or partial credit. Proving prior experience might involve any number of activities including:

  • Demonstrating skills through various means
  • Written tests/exams
  • Oral presentation
  • Interview or dialogue with the assessor
  • Simulation through role plays or case studies
  • A combination of any of the above.

Again, not every distance learning mba program will offer this opportunity to students. If in doubt, ask! There may be additional charges involved in the prior learning assessment process, and you'll need to have as much documentation ready before moving forward with the assessment.



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