Continuing Education For Military Personnel

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Continuing Education For Military Personnel

The American Military University opened its doors in 1993 as a way to provide military personnel additional education beyond the scope of regular armed forces training. Through this accredited university, students can work toward an Associate, Bachelor, or Master's Degree. Bachelor of Arts students have the option of majoring in Military History, Intelligence Studies, or Military Management at a cost of $250 per credit hour. For students aiming for a Master's Degree, options include studies in Land Warfare, Naval Warfare, Air Warfare, Unconventional Warfare, Intelligence Defense Management, and Civil War Studies.

This training option is available only online, and is a great resource for military personnel wanting to advance their training. Need financial help? There are a variety of federal student loan programs and scholarships you might qualify for. To begin your application, visit the American Military University website where you can apply online.



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