The Dreaded Dissertation

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What is involved in a dissertation at the graduate degree level?

The Dreaded Dissertation

As part of your undergraduate studies, you most likely had to complete a thesis. Now, as a student about to finish years of study toward a PhD in Business Management, it's time to write one again.

Typically, a dissertation or thesis at this level of education will be considerably longer than the one you wrote while taking your bachelor's degree. Your thesis will be a culmination of all you've learned throughout your decided discipline and will include a title page, an abstract, table of contents, and bibliography. It may also include an introduction, detailed methodology in respect to your findings, acknowledgements, a glossary of terms, tables, images, etc.

A lot of people cringe at the prospect of such a huge writing endeavor, even though the knowledge has been solidly stacked like bricks through years of education. Of course, a thesis is more than a mere writing assignment, requiring detailed academic scrutiny, rewriting, corrections, and a final thesis defense requiring a presentation for a committee or jury. It is a very formal process whereby the work is either accepted and passed with no corrections (a very high honor), the thesis must be revised, extensive revision is required, or the thesis is deemed completely unacceptable.

It's easy to see why the process is so formidable. However challenging, you have the knowledge within, and the capacity to exceed your own expectations.



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