Becoming A Postdoctoral Fellow

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How do I become a postdoctoral fellow and what is it?

Becoming A Postdoctoral Fellow

Essentially, a "fellow" is a person assigned a temporary research appointment within academia. That person typically has few teaching assignments, and is committed to conducting research for specific projects and disciplines. A junior research fellow, or postdoctoral fellow, falls within the same category as a research associate, but is able to branch into projects of his/her choice.

If you've completed your PhD in Business Management, PhD in International Business, or doctoral degree in any other discipline, you may be interested in becoming a postdoctoral fellow. Occasionally, graduates will receive an invitation to apply for one of these temporary positions. Likewise, these positions will often be posted in appropriate magazines or newspapers. Your salary will be paid either from the university's budget, from a charity, or company who sees the value, and potential profitability, of your continued education.

A postdoctoral fellow must meet certain criteria including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Being awarded a PhD within the past five years
  • Must accept a temporary appointment
  • Must accept the responsibility of full-time research
  • The appointment is viewed as preparation for a full-time academic or research career
  • The appointee will work under the supervision of a faculty mentor
  • Graduates of PhD business schools, or other graduate schools, should seriously consider applying for a fellowship, especially if the goal is to seek a career within the academic system.



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