Handling A Big Deal Business Degree

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Handling A Big Deal Business Degree

There's nothing more exciting than getting the “you got the job” phone call. You've spent years studying, honing your skills, networking, building a skills base, pounding the pavement, and networking like crazy. Now, you've finally got the job you've been looking for. As a young graduate, it's sometimes hard to remember that you're the new kid on the proverbial block. Businesses don't always operate according to the text-book, and the workplace culture in real-life is often quite a bit different than scholarly theory predicts.

As a new employee, the last thing you want to do is alienate new colleagues and co-workers with sudden and unexpected ideas for change. There'll be lots of time for that after you've proven yourself in the workplace. It's important to respect and appreciate the years of experience your new colleagues have. Some will have more education than you, and some will have less.

Take the time to absorb the details and challenges of your new position before becoming critical. Be positive. Keep busy and mind your own business. Don't hit the ground running while asking for more benefits and a raise in the same breath. You've got to earn your dues, just like everyone else. With the right pace and strategy, your colleagues will soon trust you with your opinions, considerations, and advice.



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