Business Administration - Investment Management Concentration

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Business Administration - Investment Management Concentration

Who doesn't like money. There have been numerous quotes throughout history about money being the root of all evil, money making the world go ‘round, and money buying a ticket to freedom. For some people, the fast-paced, intense world of high finance is enough to get the juices flowing. For those people, obtaining a Business Administration diploma with a second year concentration in Investment Management is the way to go. Graduates find employment in banks, credit unions, investment firms, and brokerage companies.

The types of courses offered in an Investment Management concentration include things like Securities, Applied Financial Planning, Professional Financial Planning, Principle and Practice of Insurance, Conduct and Practices for Securities, and sometimes an opportunity to take specific securities certifications through workshops, testing and examinations. For the “extras”, contact the college and find out if the cost of securities exams are included in tuition or not.

In addition, you may be required to join certain associations related to financial securities which may cost more money above the regular tuition. Also, ask if there is an opportunity to work towards national certification in any particular area of financial securities.

Students who opt for this type of diploma are usually the kind of people who like to see money grow through investments. Graduates must have excellent communication skills and a sound understanding of financial market trends to find success in this industry.



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