Become A Tutor

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Become A Tutor

Did you know that you can put your skills and knowledge to good use by becoming a tutor? Whether you're attending a university or college through traditional or online learning, you can submit an application to the registrar or academic advisor with your intent to become a tutor.

Tutors can either be voluntary, or will sometimes be paid a small stipend from funds collected by the Student Association.

Some things to consider before becoming a tutor include:

  • Making sure you have the time to commit to at least 4 hours of tutoring per week.
  • Making sure you're able to commit your tutoring services for a full semester
  • Whether you prefer small group tutoring or individual tutoring
  • What course topics you'd prefer to tutor in
  • Making sure you have a quiet place to tutor whether it be your own personal work space, or a space designated by the school.
Tutoring is a rewarding, challenging endeavor that can teach you more about yourself than you ever imagined. Typically, tutors are undergraduate or graduate students who are chosen for their interpersonal skills and their ability to assist students academically. To become a tutor, you must meet specific academic requirements as outlined by your college or university.



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