You CanTransfer Credits From a Bachelors in Business Degree Online to Another Major or College

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If I’m Studying for a Bachelors in Business Degree Online, Can I Transfer Credits to Another Major or College?

You CanTransfer Credits From a Bachelors in Business Degree Online to Another Major or College

If you're considering switching majors or colleges, two primary considerations usually affect your ability to transfer credits when working on a bachelors in business degree online. The two factors:

  1. Are you studying for an accredited online bachelor degree? Accreditation is the key factor. For example, assume you want to switch majors from business to criminal justice. If you are studying at an accredited institution, like Lincoln College Online, you can transfer those credits that “fit” your new major at Lincoln or another institution.
  2. What are the “common” credits you've earned? For example, should you be a fine arts major now and want to transfer to a business administration bachelors degree program, you might have minimal credits to help with your new concentration. However, if you were pursuing an online business bachelor degree, most of your earned credit hours may be transferable to business administration.
Don't hesitate switching majors simply because of the diversity and transferability of credits. Do think carefully about transferring from one online college bachelor degree to another institution. Just as neither every community college nor Harvard is “right” for everyone, all online institutions are not created equal, either.

If you're happy with your online college, but unhappy with your current major, first try to switch concentrations with your current institution. Should that not be possible, evaluate the top online colleges, like Lincoln College Online, to find the best new institution for YOU.



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